User registration


The user registration process for the RD-Connect GPAP includes several steps. Only the Group Leader (GL) needs to go through all the process . The GL may be a Head of a Department, an independent Principal Investigator or researcher or equivalent. The GL will take responsibility for all researchers (e.g. PhD students, postdocs or junior staff) that will be added at a later stage to his/her RD-Connect GPAP user group upon his/her request.


  1. Fill-in a form with some information.
  2. Read and understand the Code of Conduct and the Adherence Agreement.
  3. You will receive an email to download the Adherence Agreement pre-filled with some of the information provided by you.
  4. Download and sign the Adherence Agreement (it needs to be signed by you and a legal representative of your institution).
  5. Upload the signed Adherence Agreement to the link provided to you by email. If you don't have an eSignature issued by a recognised Certificate Authority (CA), you will also be asked to upload a copy of a recognised form of ID.
  6. Your request for registration will be forwarded to the Data Access Committee.
  7. We will contact you by email with the decision of the Data Access Committee and will provide you with your user credentials if the request is approved. This usually takes less than 2 weeks.


  1. Internet connection.
  2. Information that you will need to fill-in the form in the first step (e.g. information regarding the legal representative of your institution). See the next page for more details.
  3. An institutional email address for yourself.
  4. A computer that can print either to a physical printer or to PDF.
  5. Means to sign PDFs electronically with an eSignature issued by a recognised Certificate Authority (CA; see here for more information) or means to scan documents signed by hand. We do NOT accept documents signed with a mix of handwritten signatures and eSignatures.

If you have problems or questions at any point during this process, please contact