An integrated platform connecting databases, registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research

Welcome to the central platform for access to data submitted by RD-Connect’s partner projects. The online Genome-Phenome Analysis Platform is now open for submissions from all users. Our automated registration system will come online shortly, but if you would like to access the interface now please email and we will contact you to request the information we need to set you up on the system.

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To access the RD-Connect online Genome-Phenome Analysis Platform, you need to be a validated user. We are happy to accept registrations from users who wish to explore the data as well as users who want to submit their genomics data.

For registration, we’ll request some information to validate your credentials. Until our new online registration system is ready, please email us at to request access to the analysis interface.

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Genome-Phenome Analysis Platform

Data from sequencing experiments submitted by participating research projects is processed with a standard pipeline and made available for online analysis through a user-friendly interface to authorised users.

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Detailed phenotypic information for donors with omics data in the system is available in the platform through PhenoTips.

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Registry & Biobank Finder

The Registry & Biobank Finder is an online catalogue listing biobanks and patient registries connected to RD-Connect.

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Biosample Catalogue

The Sample Catalogue is an online sample-level database enabling researchers to search for rare disease biosamples and contact the EuroBioBank biobank holding the samples.

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RD-Connect Tools

Bioinformatics tools and related resources developed within or made available through the NeurOmics, EURenOmics and RD-Connect consortia.

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